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A Future Online Charity Auction Web Site

My name is John Schepers. I have purchased the domain rights for with the hopes of establishing an online charity auction site where all proceeds go to the charity of the vendor’s choice.

How The Online Charity Auction Would Work

The vendor would place the item he wishes to "donate" on Freebay. People would visit to bid on it with the winning bid going to the vendor’s chosen charity. The vendor would get a tax receipt, the buyer gets his item.

Be A Part Of This Online Charitable Giving Tool

This site will be expensive to build so I am selling the below items either my own or someone else’s with the profit going to develop this site. If you have a product or would like to advertise please contact me.

This site will help many charities and help the environment (recycling). Please contact me if you have ideas as to best get this site up and running.

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